Maximus DWP-5000F NTEP Certified Professional 4’x 4′ Pallet Scale – New


Maximus DWP-5000F NTEP Certified Professional Pallet Scale – New

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The DWP-5000F Series is a high quality, legal for trade (NTEP) professional floor / pallet scale that is ideal for industrial or shipping use. Its capacity is up tp 5000 Lbs, and it is accurate to within one pound of the actual weight. Additional features include the following:

  • Four high quality alloy load cells ensure that the unit is completely accurate within its full load range.
  • Easy to read indicator with large LED display – equipped with a rechargeable battery as well as a 15 foot cable to ensure safe, accurate readout.
  • Tare function covers this versatile unit’s full capacity range.
  • Counting function enables workers to focus fully on the job at hand rather than being overly concerned with count. Safety matters!
  • Please note that this scale is NTEP Certified
  • 4’x 4′ Bed

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